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About Nickomo & Rasullah

Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke are both experienced workshop leaders of Voice and Song, they share an interest in the diversity of global harmony and singing styles. Together they have also created a large selection of Dances of Universal Peace particularly those based on the Celtic tradition.

Nickomo Nickomo is a musician, singer, composer and choir leader and has become particularly well known for his ‘Harmonic Temple’ pieces. Easy to learn and beautiful to sing, they arose initially from the wish to create pieces like the chants of Taize, but encompassing more spiritual traditions and musical styles. Over the course of time they have embraced rounds, canons and other polyphonic forms and have included affirmations in the English language as well as mantras. The ‘Harmonic Temple’ itself is the magic soundspace created by the inner and outer harmonies of the group. Nickomo leads choirs, singing groups and workshops. He arranges a lot of material for choirs and has produced several books of music and CDs.

Rasullah Rasullah has been a Dances of Universal Peace teacher since 1987 and this has made her aware of the way people from all spiritual traditions of the world use song to touch in with their deepest selves for prayer, praise and healing. As a trained counsellor she combines song and dance with ritual. Like Nickomo she shares a passion for the land and nature and celebrates the Celtic festivals of the year with song, dance and ritual using themes from different Celtic customs associated with each of the festivals. Rasullah follows the Druid path and has finished a course of study with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. She leads local choirs with Nickomo, she is an astrologer and sees clients for personal consultations. She is an avid gardener and spends most of her free time in the veggie garden!

In 1998 Nickomo launched the Unicorn Natural Voice Camp in the South West of England - see  This event is continuing to grow in popularity.   Nickomo and Rasullah lead workshops on Dances of Universal Peace and harmony singing in the UK and abroad.  Browse the website for details of their book and CD catalogue, and for further information contact them directly.

Nickomo and Rasullah are both members of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network
Nickomo is also a founder member of the Unicorn Voice Camp:
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