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Astrology is a system that looks at the planets in terms of archetypal energies. It is based on the belief that the position of the sun, moon and planets at the time of our birth reflects our inner potential while the changing positions of the planets have an ongoing influence on our lives. An astrological consultation can give you a fresh perspective on life, relationships, career etc. It can lead to deeper self awareness, aid decision-making and help you make more of opportunities that come your way.

Rasullah trained as an astrologer over a period of years during the 1980ís and has been offering one to one consultations since then. A consultation consists of an in-depth look at a personís individual birth chart and an examination of the major astrological influences for the coming year.

The format for the consultation is a face to face session, lasting for about an hour and a half. A recording of this can be made for the client to take away. 

Clients who have previously had their chart read may consult Rasullah for an update of the major astrological influences in the coming year. This transit and progression analysis is also available in two different formats.

Over the years Rasullah has given talks on astrology in many and varied settings from prisons to the Womenís Institute. She has also led classes in experiential astrology using movement and breath to help catch a right-brained experience of what the planets are about. Her fascination with and her learning of astrology is ongoing. She combines her counselling skills and her astrological experience in her one to one sessions to offer profound insights into her clientsí lives.

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A one to one consultation including present and future trends £35.00 
A one to one consultation update of the astrological influences affecting you in the coming year £30.00
telephone Rasullah Clarke 01749 850474
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