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Archive CD titles available as mp3 downloads

The Beachpersons Live ~ CD The Beachpersons: The Beachpersons Live! Download £8
Live recordings of the legendary acappella sextet: Nickomo Clarke, Chrys Blanchard, Jackie Roxborough, Nick Petts, Rasullah Clarke and Tony Wrench
Sunshine in the Ears: Winston McZulu Download £8
Songs from South Africa performed by Colin Harrison, Anne Monger, Nickomo & Rasullah
Sunshine in the Ears: Rhythms of the Earth Download £8
Line-up as above : original songs and folk songs choreographed for circle-dancing.
Triskelian: Songs of Being Download £8
Songs from the Celtic tradition by James, with Anne Monger and Nickomo

Chants for Sharing ~ Package: Book & CD as downloads

Download £12
Chants for Sharing ~ book The Book contains 65 chants from different spiritual traditions including many by contemporary writers such as James Burgess, Jen Turner and Nickomo. Mostly just melody and guitar chords, some with harmonies.  Available as downloaded pdfs only.
Babanam Kevalam / Be Thou a Smooth Way / Breathing In / Donít You See How They Done / My Lord / Eleo Chi Wio / Fly Away Home / For Brother Sun / Freedom is a Constant Struggle / Go In Peace (Daronee) / Goodnight / Go Placidly / Hare Krishna / Hiyoway (Earthchant) / Honouring Chant / I am a Woman / I am in the Heart of God / I am the Moment / Illuminated / Jesus Forgive Me / Let Go Now / Let These be my Desires / Light Be With Me / Love, Lover and Beloved / Masallah / May I Know / May The Road / Merry Maidens / Mind of God / Moon Rhythm / Mother Ocean, Mother Fire / My Mother the Sea / New Moon (times more blessed) / Oasis in the Heart / On the Move Again / Radhe Bolo / River of Life / Rhythm of Change / Sail My Boat / Sing it to the Wind / Sitting Still / Softening / So Much Trouble Spread Your Rainbow Wings / Subhan Allah / Sure as the Wind / The Beloved / The Fire of Transformation / The Fires of Beltane / The Flowers are Opening / The Trees / This is my Home / Time to Be / Trembling with Joy / Troubadour Song / We Serve the Earth / We Shall Lift Each Other Up / Wey Ha da Heyadah / While the Earth Remains / Whirling Dervish / Ya Jamil (Beauty is Eternity) / Ya Noor / Ya Rahman ad Dunya / Ya Shakoor / You are Loved / O Signore, fa di me
Chants for Sharing ~ CD The CD is a collection of 14 of the best recordings of songs from the book of the Bristol Chanting Group.  Available as downloaded mp3s only.  Track titles: 
Open up your Heart / Ya Noor / Let these be my Desires / Eleo Chi Wioh / My Mother the Sea / Hare Krishna / So Much Trouble / Let Go Now / Beauty is Eternity / Spread your Rainbow Wings / This is my Home / O Signore Fa di Me / Go in Peace / Go Placidly
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